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Blue Camo Bape Bikini


True to USA size
Cotton 80% Nylon 20%
Authentic Bape 100%
BATHING APE BAPE リバーシブル マルチカラー From Japan

- All making process in korea.

- shipping, shipping from south korea to usa it takes 2 days to get usa, but your local usps taking time to get your address.( one week shipping time )

Printing is different depending on the fabric, and please consider that there are only a few products with tags, so you may receive products that are not.

- All products are individually made according to customer order, including simple change of mind, and exchange / refund is not possible in the following cases.

- Dry cleaning or hand washing is possible. Wash it upside down in cold water. When using an iron, raise the cloth and iron it.

-Since all items are custom made one by one, refunds are not possible.
There is no way to communicate with the courier on likeadrugg after it is delivered from Korea and arrives in the United States (consumer country). So, please check the tracking after delivery. Also, when the usps visits the house, if no one is there, the usps re-visit request or pick up is required. In this case, if you have it for about a week in the usps, you will have to pay the shipping cost again if it is returned to Korea. but we will always to help you guys. dont worry.

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